Top Online MBA Programs

This article will review some of the Top Online MBA Programs currently available.

Top Online MBA Programs and Distance Learning

Top Online MBA Programs

Top Online MBA Programs

Online learning also referred to as distance learning are MBA programs that are conducted 100% online through an accredited business school or university. Distance learning has evolved the way that educational courses are conducted and allows applicants from all around the world to complete the top online MBA programs available. These MBA programs allow applicants to pursue studies at the University of their choosing regardless of their geographic location and allows previously under advantaged applicants the opportunity to conduct studies at reduced costs.

Why Distance Learning

Distance learning has opened the path for many degree programs to allow applicants from all corners of the globe to participate in the top business school programs available. These programs are similar to their campus based counterparts except that these distance learning programs are intended to be learned in the relaxing environment of your own home. They also allow applicants to conduct studies in their spare time so the applicant no longer has to sacrifice time away from work in order to pursue their educations. Distance learning courses are also a way to convey that you are a dedicated and self-motivated worker because only the most dedicated and self-motivated applicants are able to complete these rigorous business programs.

Top Online MBA Programs – List

There are many different factors that applicants search for when trying to choose the top online MBA programs available to them. Below is a list of some the most standout distance learning MBA programs

  • University of North Carolina

o   Description: The University of North Carolina also referred to as UNC has recently began to offer distance learning MBA programs. They began delivering online courses to help with the failing employment rates and to help alleviate some students’ fears of losing their jobs once they started their MBA programs. Through the distance learning programs they are able to continue working and studying full time.

o   Cost: This program costs $89,000 for the full distance learning program.

  • Aston University

o   Description: Aston University is pleased to offer one of the least expensive distance learning MBA program available to business students. Aston University is one of the United Kingdom’s best business schools awarding degrees with triple accreditation.

o   Cost: This program costs $29,000


o   Description: Regarded as one of the most recognizable international business schools in the world the distance learning option at INSEAD does not hesitate to live up to the prestige. This program awards applicants with an inexpensive MBA program designed to address global business issues.

o   Cost: The cost of this top online MBA programs is $18,000

  • ST. Joseph’s University


Top Online MBA Programs

Top Online MBA Programs

Description: This US based university offers one of the Top online MBA Programs available to applicants. The program is accredited through the AACSB and has been ranked respectably in regards to the business school. They offer one of the most highly sought after distance learning MBA programs. This Top Online MBA Program provides applicants with an inexpensive MBA opportunity.

o   Cost: This distance learning program costs $30,294