MBA Programs in Texas

The article highlights the 4 best known schools in Texas that offers MBA programs. The article also covers background and best possible jobs after MBA Programs in Texas.

MBA Programs in Texas – Background

MBA Programs in Texas

MBA Programs in Texas

The lone star state is the second biggest state in the United States where the hustle and bustle of commerce and trade of business minded people can be found. There is affluence in the state which makes it the perfect setting for the marketing industry. With this under its belt, it was only a matter of time before quality education is established in order to support the trade. According to the MBA rankings, the state is home to four notable colleges included in the top 50. This is an impressive number for a single state which is why MBA programs in Texas are getting recognized in the country.

MBA Programs in Texas – List

Cox School of Business (Southern Methodist University)

Cox is a private academe located in the heart of Dallas which also happens to be the center of commerce. It prides itself in the training it provides its students that stresses the significance of not only having a degree but also an extensive network of corporate affiliates. The curriculum revolves around interaction, hand-on learning, mentoring and career advancement. Although the course requires $130,000 from its students, it cannot be denied that the realistic approach of the curriculum to management education can be considered an investment. In fact, Cox calls its MBA program, the MBA advantage.

McCombs School of Business (The University of Texas at Austin)

Simply known as McCombs, it offers the best MBA programs in Texas. With international schools, applicants are given the freedom to decide where they want to take their MBA. Its goal is to make leaders that will make a difference. Each of their students is well-educated in research which allows them to become pioneers of knowledge that brings significant changes to the financial and management industry. McCombs is the oldest and most traditional public academic institution in Texas thus it is no surprise that by the time its students graduate, they had already known by heart the pillars of the academe.

Mays Business School

Mays is a public school that values its MBA degree for $75,000. It has so far the least admission rate out of the four top-ranked colleges. It offers programs in finance, managements and marketing which demonstrate what the curriculum focuses on as an institution. Mays was the first college to set-up a trading center that greatly benefited its students as they were able to have a hands-on experience on commerce. The tradition continues until now and is adapted by many MBA programs in Texas.

Rice Jones School

Rice Jones is the last of the four ranked in the top 50 establishments made by famous publications. Interestingly, it only offers three kinds of MBA courses. These are the full time MBA for the amount of $117,000, executive MBA and the professional MBA. Similar to the first three colleges, Rice Jones centers on molding a future leader. He must follow or surpass the standard set by his predecessor, uphold excellent knowledge in the field of commerce and management and expand his understanding in related fields.

MBA Programs in Texas

MBA Programs in Texas

There are so many MBA Programs in Texas provided by elite colleges that do not offer online courses. It does not come as a surprise that their course fees are high. Nonetheless, these high fees need not be considered a waste. They should be regarded as investments. Graduating from these well-established and recognized academe will not only solidify ones career but also sets himself to benefit from his alma mater for many years to come.