MBA Programs in California

This article tackles the MBA Programs in California with best available school options.

MBA Programs in California – Overview

MBA Programs in California

MBA Programs in California

An MBA is traditionally acquired after 2 years of coursework that centers on the analysis, function and ethics of business management and strategies. As the demand for advanced approaches on management increased, numerous schools have integrated new aspects to the degree that would cater to the demand of the financial world and their students. To name a few, the MBA had been condensed into a single year, divided into indefinite years for working adults and classified into different kinds. Because the degree is quite sought after, there are currently hundreds of schools an aspiring student can choose from. He or she needs to take into account the school’s reputation, admission requirements, city culture and living expenses in order to maximize their education. MBA programs in California are often desired because of this.

California is located at the west coast known for its warm, sunny weather and wonderful beaches. It’s comprised of several big cities that boast to satisfy a person’s need for culture, quality education and employment. The number of prestigious schools and establishments makes the state a popular choice for future MBA students.

MBA Programs in California – Stanford Graduate School of Business

Stanford is among the leading MBA programs in California because of its very selective process in admissions. It prioritizes high GMAT scores and incoming GPAs and often prefers an average work experience of 4 years. Not only is the school difficult to get into but also very expensive and requires a lot of discipline and grinding to keep up with the program. Students, though, enjoy the benefit of being sought after by employers once they graduate.

Haas School of Business

Haas is a public university that offers the 2-year, part time, dual and executive MBA degrees in their hopes of developing innovative leaders. It has an almost similar requirement for applicants when it comes to GMAT scores and GPAs as with Stanford but has a higher acceptance rate. The plus side of graduating from Haas is that professionals can take classes as they go about their career.

UCLA Anderson School of Management

Established in 1935, UCLA Anderson is another top-tiered public school known for excellence in teaching and prioritizing global research. Aspiring degree holders can choose among its exemplary MBA programs that fit well with well-experienced professionals. Like Stanford, UCLA prefer applicants with high GMAT scores but is less demanding when it comes to incoming GPAs.

Studying MBA programs in California is rewarding all on its own.

  • Universities have the latest advancement in teaching comprehensive courses
  • Students are given the best possible internships which introduces them to future employers
  • The school’s diversity provides opportunity for networking
  • Universities in the big cities entails prestige and a good reputation
  • The city culture and happenings is an exciting substitute when school is out
MBA Programs in California

MBA Programs in California

Despite the necessity of internet and technology in everyday lives, most MBA Programs in California do not offer online courses for those inconvenienced by living far from home. It is understandable as the idea is still constantly met with significant amount of criticisms that it may damage a student’s educational attainment rather than progress it.