MBA Germany

This article provides an overview of some of the available MBA programs in Germany.

Why MBA Germany Programs

MBA Germany

MBA Germany

There are numerous reasons a person might want to conduct a MBA Germany degree program. Germany is slowly rising in popularity when it comes to educational destinations. The country of Germany is amongst the top ten MBA destinations for many students. This is in part due to the numerous and prestigious business schools that are located in Germany.

Germany delivers one of the most cultural and vibrant business environments available in the world today. MBA programs are amongst the most coveted of business degrees available as they are the stepping stones to many professional business careers.

MBA Germany Programs – Lists

Below is a list of some of the prestigious university and business school options for MBA programs in Germany. It should be noted that the cost depicted in this search are the cost of tuition fees for the program and does not include living allowances and other similar expenses for these MBA Germany programs. These rates reflect the domestic tuition rates. International applicants should expect to pay more.

  • Mannheim Business School

o   Description: The Mannheim Business School offers both a one year full time and part time MBA experiences for qualified applicants. The intent of the Mannheim programs is to deliver a unique experience that is catered to every student’s individual needs.

o   Cost: The cost of this program is £14,500 per year.

  • ESMT European School of Management and Technology

o   Description: This institute is located in Berlin, Germany. This institute is unique as they pride themselves on offering one of the most competitive global MBA programs available in Germany. The ESMT is ranked amongst the highest in business schools around the world and focuses on the following specializations:

  • Innovation
  • Sustainable Business
  • Technology Management

This program is not currently offering an online MBA option.

o   Cost: The cost of this program is £57,500 per year

  • Hochschule Bremen International Graduate Center IGC

o   Description: The International Graduate Center is associated with the University of Applied Sciences Bremen as their interdisciplinary management and leadership graduate school. The center focuses on international management and business degrees. The center delivers a 1 year full time MBA in international tourism and global management as well as part time MBA, executive MBA, and dual degree MBA programs.

  • EBS Business School

o   Description: This is one of the most prestigious private university experiences MBA Germany has to offer. The business school offers full time MBA programs that can be taken as 12 month programs, 16 month programs, as well as offer applicants the opportunity to study abroad.

o   Cost: The cost of this program is £32,500 per year

  • European Business College Munich: European University

MBA Germany

MBA Germany

o   Description: This business school offers competitive MBA Germany programs that are recognized on an international scale. The school offers both full time and executive MBA programs.

o   Cost: The cost of this program is £20,300 per year.