MBA Australia: Real Facts

This article provides a view into some of the MBA programs that Australia has to offer.

MBA Australia Programs- Details

MBA Australia

MBA Australia

MBA programs may have found their roots in American business schools but it didn’t take long until the program had reached past the countries boundaries and were being offered on an international scale. MBA programs are widely sought after as they are the foundation for many advanced professional business careers. MBA programs deliver a degree of job security that in today’s world economy is highly coveted. Below we are going to review some of the most outstanding MBA Australia programs available.

Australian MBA programs are similar to any other MBA program in the world and can be conducted full time, part time, or strictly online.

MBA Australia Programs – Lists

Below we are going to review some of the MBA programs that Australia has to offer. These programs are all accredited and have been ranked respectably in regards to overall MBA programs.

  • Victoria University

o   Description: The Victoria University has been consistently ranked one of the best MBA programs in Australia based on student satisfaction, the core curriculum, the graduate employment rate, as well as many other determining success factors. Applicants in these MBA programs are also offered an opportunity to study abroad at the Neoma Business School located in France.

o   Cost and Duration: This MBA program costs $12,230 per academic semester and lasts for a duration of 1.5 years. Applicants should expect to pay over $60,000 in total for this MBA program.

  • University of Queensland

o   Description: The University of Queensland offers a respectably ranked assortment of MBA programs. All of their MBA programs are dual accredited through both the AACSB and the EQUIS and provide applicants with the basic core curriculum as well as an extensive array of electives to search through to help customize their MBA experience. The university offers three different types of MBA programs. They have their full time, part time, and accelerated MBA programs.

o   Cost and Duration: This MBA experience costs $61,440. The duration of these programs varies due to which format of MBA you choose. The accelerated MBA is intended to be completed within a year while the part time MBA option allows applicants up to seven years to complete their studies.

  • Melbourne University

o   Description: The Melbourne Business School is one of Australia’s leading business schools. This MBA Australia school offers four different types of MBA programs. These programs are the:

  • Full Time MBA
  • Part Time MBA
  • Executive MBA
  • Senior Executive MBA

This business school has built a highly respected reputation for being amongst the best in business degrees and their MBA program are held to the same prestigious expectations.

MBA Australia

MBA Australia

o   Cost and Duration: The cost of these MBA programs varies depending on the program of choice. The common full time and part time MBA is $75,000 while the Executive MBA costs $95,000 and the Senior Executive MBA costs $115,000. These programs can last from 1 year up to seven years depending on the program.