Houston Programs at University of Texas

This article reviews the MBA programs offered the UT at Houston. Also read about background, importance and requirements of Houston Programs at University of Texas

Houston Programs at University of Texas – Background

Houston Programs at University of Texas

Houston Programs at University of Texas

The University of Texas is a state research oriented university located throughout many different campuses in the state of Texas. The main campus is located in Austin, Texas just minutes away from the state capital. The University of Texas has often been considered a public Ivey league school which means that the degrees offered at UT are equivalent in value as Ivey league schools. Their Houston MBA programs are one such degree.

Houston Programs at University of Texas – Details

The Houston MBA Programs is the innovative outreach program offered through the McCombs Business School which is the business school associated with the University of Texas. This MBA program is designed to target rising entrepreneurs, managers, and applicants that have already establish their careers in business. The Houston MBA programs offer a flexible alternative to traditional MBA programs and is conducted in Houston, Texas. This program is designed to allow the applicant to continue working while conducting their education.

These Houston MBA programs focus on the following main factors:

  1. Managerial Skills
  2. Analytical Skills
  3. Quantitative Skills

Applicants in these programs will be awarded with an outstanding degree as well as an excellent portfolio built on expertise and personal knowledge. Applicants are awarded the same opportunities as more traditional MBA applicants and still have access to the schools personal alumni network as well as being taught by the same faculty that conduct the normal MBA programs.

These programs search far and wide to attract some of the most diverse and unique applicants to enhance their personal MBA experiences whether online or in person. These Houston MBA programs are the perfect programs for applicants wishing to build credentials on their personal CVs or resumes.

How to Apply

Applying to these Houston MBA programs is easier than it appears. Applicants are encouraged to fill out an application for the McCombs Business School at the University of Texas. These programs are extension programs from the business school and in order to participate the applicant must be a student of the business school. In order to apply to the business school the applicant must complete their applications and turn them in by the due dates. The upcoming deadlines are the 14th of October for an early submission and the 11th of November for normal applications.


  • Applicants are required to write personal admission essays over a specific subject. The subject topic is available online.
  • The applicant must be able to upload all previous transcripts and additional admissions data to be sent to the McCombs Business School for consideration.
  • Houston Programs at University of Texas

    Houston Programs at University of Texas

    The applicant must provide at least two letters of recommendation. For the MBA programs these recommendations need to be professional since it is a requirement for this specific program that the applicant be previously employed with sufficient professional history.

  • GMAT scores are required.

Applicants of Houston MBA programs will have to take either the TOEFL or the IELTS assessment if they do not speak English as their first language.