Harvard University Online MBA Program

This article reviews various kinds of Harvard University Online MBA Programs, duration, course outline and their benefits

Harvard University Online MBA Program – Background

Harvard University Online MBA Program

Harvard University Online MBA Program

Harvard University is a private Ivey league university that’s business school is located in Boston, Massachusetts. The university was originally established in 1636 and offered some of the most prestigious degrees from any university located in the United States. Harvard University is proud to be able to offer Harvard online MBA opportunities.

Harvard University Online MBA – Details

The Harvard online MBA is Harvard University’s big step into offering distance learning options. The university has recently launched a program called HBX. HBX is the initiative of digital learning that’s goal is to help broaden the impact and reach of the university. It is the schools attempt to create a fun and innovative online platform for business oriented degree programs.

The HBX is similar to other online business platforms as it tries to bring a new interactive and engaging way of conducting studies to Harvard University. The program is still in its beta form and only a select few applicants will be chosen to conduct their studies through this beta form. If the beta form is deemed a success a more complete program will be offered through the university. The new updated extension of the program will be able to connect with a wider audience and promote Harvard University into the ranks of online business schools.

Applicants that are chosen for this pre- online MBA term will be asked to undertake three courses. These courses are:

  1. Financial Accounting
  2. Business Analytics
  3. Economics for Managers

Each of these programs is taught as part of the core curriculum for the Harvard MBA.

Duration and Pricing

Initially, the perfect applicant for these programs should be able to dedicate at least four to five hours a week towards completing their Harvard online MBA. The school is currently debating on how to price these programs stating only that these programs will not come free.

The Benefits of the HBX and the Harvard Online MBA

There are many benefits for both the HBX and the Harvard Online MBA.

  • These programs will benefit the school because they will bring in a wider basis for academic publications.
  • These programs will cut expenses for both the university as well as the student. The student will be able to save on transportation and housing fees and the university will be able to save money by not having to prepare classrooms or having to search for any type of replacements.
  • These programs will reach a wider audience and create a more diverse environment. Students who were once unable to attend Harvard University due to personal commitments will no longer have to miss out on their personal Ivey league education.
  • Harvard University Online MBA Program

    Harvard University Online MBA Program

    Harvard will be able to join the ranks of business schools that offer these online options which attracts more applicants and makes the university more money.

  • The Harvard online MBA is set to become one of the most prestigious online business awards that an applicant can be awarded from a United States based university.