Read about background and significance of EMBA for busy professionals. Also read about best MBA schools for EMBA

EMBA – Background



EMBA stands for executive MBA. The EMBA is constructed similar to a normal MBA program except that it is accelerated so that an applicant can finish the degree in less time. All MBA programs are conducted of the same core curriculum which consists of:

  • Human Resources
  • Accounting and Finances
  • Marketing
  • Operations Management
  • Business Administration

Executive MBA programs are normally conducted full time in order for the program to be concluded within a year of enrolling in the program. The EMBA is considered an accelerated and prestigious business opportunity for applicants. These programs are designed to target older groups such as applicants that have over five years of work experience or new graduates who completed their undergraduate degree in business administration and are able to waive the core curriculum and jump into the equivalent of second year MBA courses.

Harvard University was the first university in the world to develop and offer MBA programs and today they are a business world staple. They are the stepping stones that lead to executive and CEO level jobs.

EMBA – Why Choose?

There are many reasons why choosing EMBA is the best path for business. These include:

  • Applicants who choose executive MBA programs are completing their business degrees within 10 months up to a year and are able to reenter the work force or resume their own job smoothly. Many applicants who were not previously employed were able to find employment within less than six months after graduation.
  • EMBA offers many comprehensive options such as their global executive MBA option that allows applicants in their one year MBA programs to travel to other international campuses and see firsthand different cultures and business practices and how the two influence each other in the business world.
  • MBA programs are very well received in the business arena and applicants that hold these degrees are able to easily climb the promotion latter into more professional roles. This degree also allows for a certain sense of job security that might not have been available before these programs.
  • Executive MBA programs offer the same outstanding education that applicants conducting more traditional MBA programs receive. The difference is that executive MBA programs are completed in half the time and many top ranked schools around the world offer these executive MBA programs as compared to their longer more traditional two year counterparts.
  • EMBA programs can be conducted through distance learning options through the school of your choosing as many prestigious business schools offer distance learning options.

List of Schools with Outstanding Programs

Babson University

Description: Babson University is recognized for producing successful business graduates and their executive MBA program provides a very fast paced and rigorous MBA program for applicants. This program focuses on the following key elements:

  1. Interactive Learning
  2. Interdisciplinary Perspective
  3. Flexibility

Cost: This program costs $51,730

Kellogg School of Management: Northwestern University



Description: The Kellogg executive MBA program is the fast-tracked MBA program that is intended to target working professionals. The one year program offers flexibility as the applicants are able to choose their own electives to modify their EMBA experience.

Cost: This program costs $64,000