EMBA Online

This article reviews the EMBA Online option available at selected universities.

EMBA Online – Background

EMBA Online

EMBA Online

The EMBA stands for executive MBA program. There are many options for taking an EMBA program such as the EMBA online option provided by select business schools and universities. These programs are ideal for applicants that are already members of the workforce who cannot take time away from their careers to pursue their education in a full time traditional setting. They are similar to normal EMBA programs except these programs are conducted 100% through distance learning. These online options give applicants the flexibility needed to complete their EMBA educations without having to sacrifice their existing careers to do so.

EMBA Online – What to Look for When Choosing an Online Program ?

With the popularity of these programs soaring it is important to ensure that the program you choose to participate in is accredited by an approved accreditation agency. This ensures that the courses you are conducting have been reviewed and deemed acceptable in a global business term.

EMBA Online – List of Schools

Below is a list of schools and universities that are offering these highly sought after EMBA online degree programs:

  • Darden School of Business: University of Virginia:

o   Description: This University provides a comprehensive online EMBA program for applicants that have already established themselves in their professional careers.

o   Cost: The executive MBA program at Darden costs international applicants $130,150. The Darden School of Business does offer scholarships but does not offer need based scholarships.

  • Wharton School of Business: University of Pennsylvania

o   Description: Wharton offers a comprehensive executive MBA program for applicants that are already established in their professional careers. The EMBA is unique because it does not require students to choose a major and offers nine electives of the students’ choice. Applicants will also be considered for a one week international business trip to see other cultures and their approach to business.

o   Cost: This executive MBA program at Wharton costs international applicants $178,920. Scholarships are available for qualified applicants.

  • Walden University:

o   Description: Walden offers one of the most inexpensive EMBA online degree programs available to applicants. The goal of the program is to help promote leadership skills as well as to provide a comprehensive business degree for professional applicants.

o   Cost: This executive MBA program at Walden costs applicants roughly $39,000. Scholarships are available for applicants that qualify.

  • George Mason University

o   Description: This University offers a global and defense EMBA online program for qualified applicants. These programs are ranked considerably well for business programs delivered around the world and encourage the online format.

o   Cost: These online EMBA programs cost $58,560. Scholarships are available for applicants that qualify.

  • Washington State University

EMBA Online

EMBA Online

Description: This University offers one of the best online EMBA programs available. They use their online format to create a more diverse and international program where they take experience from all around the world and translate it into their EMBA Online programs.

o   Cost: This program costs $50,028.