Chicago MBA Programs

This article deliberates what makes Chicago MBA Programs distinct.

Chicago MBA Programs – Details

Chicago MBA Programs

Chicago MBA Programs

Chicago is home to Booth popularly known as one of the titan universities in the business academia. This educational achievement has become a benchmark for others to follow. Many institutions within the area have strived to do so which consequently made the city a boiling pot of educational opportunities especially in the field of finance and management. The Chicago MBA programs include full-time, weekend, accelerated, online and executive courses. Whichever the applicant chooses, there are credible and reputable schools ready to admit him or her. In fact, the acceptance rate is quite high that if an application is promising, the aspiring student may have to turn down an admission.

Chicago MBA Programs – List

Booth School of Business (University of Chicago)

It is consistently named as one of the best provider of MBA degrees in the United States and frequently competes with similar universities such as Harvard and Stanford. Since it was established in 1898, its faculty and staff have continuously strived to implement disciplined-based curriculum. Students are subjected to educational trainings in the hopes of becoming future leaders in the finance and management trade. They are encouraged to generate innovations and challenge tradition. Graduates of Booth often find themselves equipped with the understanding of technical concepts and reliable intuition. As a highly rated academe with nine Nobel Prizes in Economics, it is not surprising that Booth is very expensive. Its program cost can go as high as $183,000.

DePaul University

DePaul is categorized as a “research university” due to the significant volumes of research they conduct for commerce and education. It takes pride in its frequent updates of the MBA program in order to keep up with the ever-changing industry. This mid-tiered private academe has a very high acceptance rate although its program cost of more than $31,000 is considerably high. Aside from the Chicago MBA programs, its other noteworthy feature is that it has the largest school grounds in the city.

Chicago Liautaud Graduate School of Business

The acceptance rate in Liautaud is lower compared to its peer graduate colleges. It offers a broad spectrum of MBA degrees from full-time to accelerated programs and focuses on preparing their students to experiences outside the curriculum. Their leadership and managerial skills are polished along with making sure that the resumè of would-be graduates is nothing less than impressive.

Loyola University Chicago Quinlan School of Business

Chicago MBA Programs

Chicago MBA Programs

Loyola was founded on 1922 but recent changed its name in honor of their alumnus Michael Quinlan. Among the colleges offering Chicago MBA programs, this is the only traditional Jesuit academe that is distinct in a way that they maintain the importance of educating and training future global leaders through decades. It is fairly easy to get in but the biggest worry may not be on the admission but on the tuition. It requires a whopping $33,450 for the course. Nevertheless, the cost should not discourage applicants as graduates of Quinlan tend to become what they were educated for and join the vast network of successful alumni.

It is safe to assume that there is more to the city than great culture, fantastic food, exhilarating sports and exciting tourist attractions. Through the Chicago MBA Programs, it is the city that can build your career.