Cheap MBA Programs

The article determines the Cheap MBA Programs from cheapest business schools with the most notable reputation.

Cheap MBA Programs – Background

Cheap MBA Programs

Cheap MBA Programs

Things can always be a little cheaper. It can be a new product, service or in this case, education. This practice may not always be the best but when trying to fit everything in a tight budget, people tend to compromise a few features for a little reduction on the price. An MBA degree is beneficial in the long run but the big debt that goes with the education can financially ruin a student. Luckily for those aspiring MBA degree holders, there are cheap MBA programs offered by credible schools they can avail. It gives them quality education without setting themselves up to drown in loans. The following are noteworthy academic institutions that offer low-cost program MBA degrees.

Cheap MBA Programs – Schools and Universities

Terry College of Business (University of Georgia)

Terry College located in Georgia may be cheapest academe to offer the traditional MBA program along with part-time and executive MBA. The degree showcases its uncompromising attitude towards quality education by conducting the course in a class-setting with plenty of student-professor. Notably known for their competitive tuition fees, the 2-year MBA costs only $30,068 which is only 23% of the annual program fee in Harvard.

Western Governors University

It is a known fact that distance learning is tantamount to cheap MBA programs which makes it a perfect alternative to the expensive classroom-held degrees. Western Governors is an online university that assures accelerated learning to become a competitive player in the financial trade. Not only does it boast lecture simulations in developing effective management strategies, it also goes beyond competition with its $13,000 program cost.

United Kingdom Business Schools and The Guardian League Table

In the United Kingdom, universities catering to business and management are ranked by The Guardian every year based on entry score, job prospects, feedback, overall quality, staff to student ratio, spending per student, teaching quality and value added. This is called The Guardian League Table and it is often consulted by potential students in their search for the best school.

Coventry Business School (Coventry University)

The school focuses on enhancing student experiences under the guardianship of staff with industrial expertise. Students are given internships that enable them to see the theories in practice. This opportunity to gain insight into the industry is topped off by a reasonable MBA program fee of £9,000. Coventry School was ranked number 12 in The Guardian League Table and remarkably maintains as one of the cheap MBA programs in the United Kingdom.

University of Gloucestershire

Ranked number 68 in The Guardian League Table is the Gloucestershire School whose emphasis is on flexible learning that maximizes the MBA program. It effectively provides challenges that develop the student’s problem solving and entrepreneurial skills for an affordable course fee of £10,000 per year.

Warwick Business School

Warwick has been providing excellent education to students for the last three decades and its adaptation of distance learning is a testament to their commitment. The school is number 2 in the 2014 distance learning MBA ranking which they achieved by continued emphasis on flexible programs infused with relevant training and collaborations. With a program cost of £7,500, it is not a surprise that it is mostly preferred by students.

Cheap MBA Programs

Cheap MBA Programs

In choosing among the Cheap MBA Programs, it cannot be stressed enough to always check their credibility. A school should be accredited by the proper authority as this is the standard for quality management schools among the academic community.