1 Year MBA Programs NYC

This article will review some of the available business schools in NYC that offers one year executive MBA programs. Also read about best 1 Year MBA Programs NYC and bright job prospects after these degrees.

1 Year MBA Programs NYC – Details

1 Year MBA Programs NYC

1 Year MBA Programs NYC

The business world is a fast paced roller coaster that so many people have joined. MBA programs were designed to teach applicants everything that they needed to know about the foundations of business and how to be an effective leader. These degrees became increasingly more important as the need for effective leaders in the professional world steadily rose. Executive MBA programs were designed with the fast paced applicant in mind. These comprehensive one year programs offer everything that an applicant needs to know about business in half the time. The 1 year MBA programs NYC takes a comprehensive look at the different executive MBA programs offered through some of New York’s finest business schools.

1 Year MBA Programs NYC – List

The business administration degree offers a safety net when it comes to job security. These executive MBA programs are highly sought after programs because very few United States based business schools offer the fast paced one year MBA like many of their European counterparts deliver. There are also options for attending some of these programs online. Below we are going to review some of the executive MBA programs offered in NYC:

Johnson Graduate School of Management: Cornell University

Description: The Johnson Graduate School of Management is offering a new accelerated executive MBA program for older applicants. The business school already has an existing executive MBA program but are convinced that an additional option needs to be offered for older applicants. The new executive program will focus more on business solutions in a more diverse and older business environment.

Cost: This three semester program is averaging around $95,000.

The Metropolitan College of New York

Description: The Metropolitan College of New York is offering three one year executive MBA programs for the following areas:

  1. Financial Services
  2. Media Management
  3. General Management

Simon Graduate School of Business Administration

Description: This school offers two different executive MBA programs for qualified applicants. Their accelerated MBA program and their 1 year MBA programs NYC. Each of these programs offers business administration courses as well as a large range of very fast paced business oriented subjects to help prepare applicants for the business world. The program is geared towards applicants that have more than five years of professional work experience to draw from.

Bingham University: State University of New York

Description: These 1 year MBA programs NYC programs are intent to be on the fast track. This school offers three fast tracked MBA programs for qualified applicants. These courses are:

  1. MBA Watson Fast Tracks
  2. MBA Harper Fast Tracks
  3. MBA Management Fast Tracks
1 Year MBA Programs NYC

1 Year MBA Programs NYC

These programs are unique because unlike many of their business counterparts these programs do not require the applicant to have any previous business experience. They are designed with the purpose of propelling outstanding business students to the next level of business faster. These 1 Year MBA Programs NYC offer a quality degree with half the time.