1 Year International MBA

This article reviews the details about 1 Year International MBA Programs.

1 Year Internationally MBA Programs – Details

 1 Year International MBA

1 Year International MBA

A 1 year international MBA or global MBA program is similar to a traditional 1 year MBA program accept that it is internationally recognized as well as conducted on more than one campus during the year. Basically, this is where you start the program at campus A and then at some point during the duration of the year you travel to additional campuses in other countries leading to an international experience. 1 year international MBA programs can also include some online learning while visiting various countries.

Why Choose a Global MBA?

There are many reasons why applicants might choose to conduct a global MBA program through the various universities that are able to provide them.

  • Applicants that are planning on working in a more global job market will benefit from this program because they will receive first hand academic experience before real world experience and applicants will feel more prepared to face these challenges.
  • A global MBA program looks outstanding on a resume or CV and might give some applicants the leg up they needed in order to secure that job offer.
  • It is a wonderful opportunity for applicants to get to see different parts of the world while conducting their studies.
  • This unique opportunity allows applicants to immerse themselves not only in different business practices but into different cultures and allows applicants to understand how different cultures might influence a person’s approach to business practices.
  • Global MBA program allow applicants to become a part of a more diverse learning environment and will enhance their leadership skills in ways that their counterparts in normal MBA programs do not get to experience.

1 Year International MBA Programs – Costs

The cost of these 1 year international MBA programs depends heavily upon the school that you have chosen to conduct your studies. For obvious reasons this MBA opportunity will be considerably more expensive than its counterparts because many programs include the overall cost of travel as well as their tuition rates. These programs range in the $100,000 arena. Schools may charge more or less depending on prestige as well as the location of the stops along the global route.

The Forbes List

Forbes is considered one of the leading internet based media companies that is designed to deliver news about outstanding business opportunities and to provide reviews for business schools. Forbes has ranked the following schools respectably when it comes to offering global MBA programs.

  •  1 Year International MBA

    1 Year International MBA

    IMD: The IMD is dedicated to offering the most outstanding business degrees available. The intent of the program is to deliver diversity and allow applicants to learn from that diversity.

  • Hult International Business School: Hult offers a unique chance for applicants to immerse themselves into the busiest business worlds such as Shanghai, London, San Francisco, or New York.
  • INSEAD: INSEAD is always dedicated to delivering the best in business degrees and their 1 Year International MBA program does not disappoint. Applicants are able to choose multiple different campuses to travel to during their studies.

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