1 Year Executive MBA

This article reviews the 1 year executive MBA option available to MBA students.

1 Year Executive MBA – Background

1 Year Executive MBA is a master degree program that is conducted full time in order to be completed within a year of admittance into the program. The program is intended to target professional applicants that have over five years of professional work experience to draw experience from.

1 Year Executive MBAThese programs are offered around the world but are particularly popular in countries such as India where their 2 year MBA programs are used to target new graduates who have not have a chance to gain professional experience.


These programs are similar to more traditional MBA programs because they both offer the same prestigious business degree the only difference is price and duration of the program.

1 Year Executive MBABenefits

  • Applicants that are already working professionals will benefit the most from these programs because they allow the flexibility needed to attend classes and continue working their normal jobs.
  • Applicants that have over five years of work experience or who have an undergraduate degree in business administration will benefit from these programs because the core curriculum can be waived for certain credits awarded through the undergraduate business administration degree.

The EMBA Cost

The cost of these 1 year executive MBA programs depends heavily on the school that you are choosing to attend as well as the student status that you will be attending under. These three semester courses range from $60,000-$175,000 depending on your school of choice. Financial aid is available through most schools as well as company sponsorships that will cover the cost of the program if the applicant enters a work contract with the company.

How to Find the Perfect 1 Year Executive MBA?

There are many important factors to consider when searching for the perfect executive MBA program.

  • Applicants will want to find a MBA program that is close to their residence because many executive programs require that the applicant have steady ongoing professional employment.
  • You want to ensure that the program that you choose is accredited by an internationally recognized accreditation agency such as the AACSB.
  • You want to ensure that the school or university that you have chosen to conduct your studies in offers the sort of academic background that you are wishing to showcase on your future CV or resumes.

The Best School Suggestions for 1 Year Executive MBA Programs

There are hundreds of schools around the world that offer this executive position. Below is a list of just of the few that offer prestigious 1 year executive MBA programs.

  • Columbia Business School: This notorious business school offers a 1 year executive MBA program that averages around $175,200.
  • St. Joseph’s University: This smaller business school offers a 1 year executive MBA program that averages around $63,000
  • INSEAD: INSEAD offers a prestigious executive MBA program for working applicants.
  • IIM: This Indian based business school offers a 1 Year Executive MBA that averages 14-22 lakhs