1 Year Executive MBA in the USA

This article reviews some of the best 1 Year Executive MBA Programs in the United States.

1 Year Executive MBA Programs

1 Year Executive MBA Programs

1 Year Executive Programs

Ever since the MBA degree program was developed in Harvard it has quickly spread across the globe as one of the most internationally recognized and widely accepted stepping stone in any advanced business career. In an attempt to keep up with their European counterparts many US based business schools are starting to develop faster paced MBA programs as opposed to their normal traditional two year MBA program. Because of their speed these 1 year executive MBA in the USA programs are becoming one of the most highly sought after business degree programs.

1 Year Executive MBA Program List

The MBA programs offer a security net when it comes to job safety. These executive MBA programs are highly sought after programs because very few United States based business schools offer the accelerated one year MBA like many of their European counterparts deliver. Below we have delivered university advice concerning the executive MBA programs.

Kellogg School of Management: Northwestern University

Description: The Kellogg executive MBA program is the accelerated MBA program that is designed to target working professionals. The one year program offers flexibility as the applicants are able to choose their own electives to customize their MBA experience.

Cost: This program costs $64,000

DeVry University

Description: DeVry University is a recognizable online university that allows applicants to continue their education at their own pace from the comfort of their homes. It is also one of the schools that offers a 1 year executive MBA in the USA. The programs are designed to be completed in shorter blocks and applicants can easily excel through the general core curriculum as well as personalize their degree programs.

Cost: This program costs $2,298 for every three credits.

Mendoza College of Business: University of Notre Dame

Description: This is one of the most prestigious 1 year executive MBA in the USA programs available to business professionals. The program starts in the summer semester with an extremely rigorous 10 week session that is designed to knock out all the general MBA requirements. Applicants that are a part of this class will benefit from having access to the University of Notre Dame’s extensive networking opportunities.

Cost: This program costs $47,450.

Babson University

Description: Babson University is known for producing some of the most successful business graduates and their executive MBA program promises a very fast paced and rigorous MBA program for qualified applicants. This 1 year executive MBA in the USA focuses on the following key elements:

  1. Interactive Learning
  2. Interdisciplinary Perspective
  3. Flexibility

Cost: This program costs $51,730

The WA Franke College of Business: Northern Arizona University

1 Year Executive MBA Programs

1 Year Executive MBA Programs

Description: This accelerated executive MBA program allows applicants to complete their MBA degrees in as little as ten months. The program is accredited through the AACSB and allows applicants to reenter the work force immediately after graduation from the program. This 1 Year Executive MBA program is prestigious and offers many benefits such as accounting majors being able to have the requirements to sit for the CPA exams upon successful completion of the program.

Cost: This program costs $21,117