1 Year MBA Programs: Facts and Realities

This article provides an overview of 1 Year MBA Programs, how to choose them and job prospects. 

1 Year MBA Programs – Background

MBA Programs:

1 Year MBA Programs

1 Year MBA Programs

MBA programs are the common abbreviation for the Master of Business Administration degree available through many prestigious business schools. The MBA program was originally designed at Harvard University in the United States and has quickly spread around the globe and is offered in almost all major universities.

Every MBA class is designed with a core curriculum as well as electives that applicants can choose from to help personalize their degree. The core curriculum includes the following:

  • Operations Management
  • Marketing
  • Accounting
  • Finances
  • Human Resources

Accreditation is a large component of these MBA programs. A MBA degree is useless unless the school has received the proper accreditation. Many schools will be judged based on their academic ranking and the agencies that have awarded them accreditation.

1 Year MBA programs is also referred to as the full time executive MBA program. It is a very prestigious and accelerated MBA program that works to teach applicants everything they need to know to be successful in the business world in under a year. These fast paced one year programs are normally reserved for applicants that have at least five years of professional work experience to draw from. They are highly sought after and available in many international business schools.

1 Year MBA Programs – Why Choose?

MBA degrees are very well received in the workplace and they allow degree holders to advance through the professional ranks. However, MBA programs take time and money. These programs are designed to teach a very strict and in demand skill set and because of this reason there is a hefty price tag attached to them. Applicants that opt to take the executive route not only save time but they also save money.

Executive 1 year MBA programs offer the same quality education that more traditional MBA classes offer except they do so in half the time. They even come in online distance learning options for applicants that cannot sacrifice time away from work in order to continue their education. They are also similar to more traditional MBA courses because 1 year MBA programs offer all the same coursework and networking opportunities that applicants participating in a two year degree would receive.

Applicants can rest easy knowing that they are not sacrificing any opportunities by conducting their MBA programs either through distance learning or as an executive MBA course.

1 Year MBA Programs  РEmployment Consideration

1 Year MBA Programs

1 Year MBA Programs

Potential employers want the very best candidate for the job and they find the best candidate by searching through previous academic and professional histories of applicants. Participants who conduct executive MBA programs are more likely to be considered for the position compared to other equally qualified participants. This is due to the nature of the program. Executive 1 Year MBA Programs are designed to be rigorous and only the best of the best can be successful in these programs. Employers know they are higher a quality worker when they possess an executive MBA degree.